Welcome to the ShootHouston

I love photography. I enjoy the fact I can capture memories, places, people and things. Once captured, these images stay with me forever. 

Most of you can guess that I am located in Houston.

I shoot a mixture of film and digital work. Film seems to be enjoying a resurgence of late; it boggles my mind to think that there are people on this planet that have never seen a film camera in use.

I have Nikon F3, F4s, F5, F100, and Fuji 6X9 film cameras.

I have Nikon D90, D7000, D700, D750 and D800 digital cameras.

And I own several shelf shooters, including the Kodak Brownie pictured above.

As you would expect, I have many lenses. Glass is the best investment. Sharp glass never grows old. I have several manual (gasp!) lenses that I find are as sharp as their autofocus cousins. 

So feel free to look around and comment if you like.

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